Message from Rev Andy
Andy M

As the long dark nights of winter start to give way to more sunlight, the shoots of spring flowers remind us that better days are just around the corner.  The world is filled with signs of hope, if we open our eyes to see them.  At times in our lives, we can live in seemingly endless gloom, where hope is hard to find and even harder to hold onto.  But we have a story of God's good news, which came in the person of Jesus - a light to the world.  His light has not gone out, even though it's been 2000 years.  He is still as real and present as he ever was.  Jesus offers God's love and forgiveness, and following him gives purpose to our lives, building God's kingdom in this world, with hope for eternal life to come.  

We can all slip back into gloom or darkness at times.  On our own, it can be difficult to see the light.  But I find that the church is a place where we regularly remind one another of the hope that we have.  We can be lights for each other, and we can worship Christ, the light of the world, reminding each other of God's love and grace – and we pray it will overflow into our community. 

Winter can be hard, but spring comes with hope and joy.  In the church it brings with it the new life and resurrection of Easter.  We are people who believe that death is not the end, darkness will be overcome by light, and God's love keeps on breaking through.  You are always welcome to join us!

With best wishes,

Rev. Andy Murphy



Sunday 3rd March 2024  

Morning Worship at 10.30am - Margaret Geldart at Church and on Zoom 

The children and young people will go to their group partway through the service. A crèche will be available for babies and young children.

Tea and Coffee will be served in the hall after the service.   

Evening Worship at 6.30pm - Kate Hitchcox 

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A video recording of the Service led by Connie Jeffery on Sunday 25th February is available to watch to by clicking on the link below

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If you wish to join us live online for any of the morning services on Zoom please contact us by sending an email for the log in code and we will happily let you have the details. 

Sessions will take place on the following Thursday's at 9am

22nd Feb,
7th / 14th / 28th March
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Led by Rev Andy on the following dates -
27th Feb, 5th / 26th March from 1.30pm - 3.00pm, open to anyone who would like to attend

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