Message from Rev Andy
Andy M

Welcome to Daventry Methodist Church! 

I’m fairly new here, but I’m greatly excited by what I see here: a church of committed Christians of all ages, worshipping and serving God together.  We’re not a perfect church, and not perfect people, but maybe that means there’s room for you too!  I love the sense of humour of this church, and the sense of being a caring family.  Week-by-week, new people are coming to our church from all backgrounds and cultures, and all ages.  At our core, we are a traditional Methodist Church, but that core is blossoming and developing into a vibrant and diverse community.  We are exploring faith together, welcoming lots of new members, enjoying activities for our ‘young church’ on Sunday mornings, and running lots of other groups and activities from Toddler Time, to the youth group (TJs), to lots of opportunities for our wonderful senior citizens to find friendship, food, and a laugh together.

If you have any questions about Christenings (baptism), confirmations, weddings (including same-sex marriage) or blessings, please do speak to me at church or give me a call on 01858 462889.

We hope you always feel welcome here, and feel comfortable to ask questions or tell us how we might make things better for you.

In the Bible, sometimes the disciples couldn’t find the words to describe Jesus, so they would just say, “Come and see!”  That invitation is for you too: Come and see for yourself.  You’re very welcome.


Sunday 11th June 2023

Morning service - 10.30am - Holy Communion led by Rev. Andy church and on Zoom

The children and Young People will leave for their group partway through the service and return for Communion at the end. A crèche will also be available for babies and young children.

Tea and Coffee will be served in the hall after the service. 

Evening service - 6.30pm - led by Deacon Georgina Brooks

Latest Worship Recordings

A video recording of the morning service led by Peter Muir on 3rd June is available to watch by clicking on the link below

 here to watch the recording

If you wish to join us live online for any of the morning services on Zoom please contact us by sending an email for the log in code and we will happily let you have the details. 


A course for people new to membership or new to the faith and wanting to find out more. 

At Church on Thursdays 1.30pm - 3pm on 8 June, 15 June, 22 June and 6 July


Sunday 25th June

Everyone welcome, bring a plate of finger food - your favourite food or a favourite recipe.


Saturday 8th July from 3-5 pm.  17 Downing Way, Daventry, NN11 4TN.  Tickets £7.50p  Bring and Buy. 
Proceeds to the Car Park Fund.


Details of events happening during the week at the church can be found here and this week's notice sheet can be found here.


Click here for map and directions


What to expect when you visit us

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