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Girls' Brigade

Girls' Brigade is a worldwide Christian organisation for girls age 5 years and up.

The 1st Daventry Company meet on Thursday evenings during term time at Daventry Methodist Church.

Girls' Brigade give girls the chance to make great friends, develop new skills, take part in lots of exciting activities and chill out in a safe environment.

Girls' Brigade is passionate to raise the volume of hope among girls and young people, and we do this by providing fun and safe friendship groups for children, girls and young women.

  • 5-8's are invited to join the journey in n:vestigate groups;
  • 7-11's discover the adventure in n:gage groups;
  • 10-14's meet real life head on through n:counter groups;
  • 13-18's experience the challenge in n:spire groups

Each year the Northamptonshire District organise a day out and this event enables the girls to mix with others from different companies. Also every year our Company joins with other organisations marching in the Daventry Remembrance Day Parade.

Closed until Easter 2020

The 1st Daventry Company will be temporarily closed from December 12th 2019
It will be relaunched around Easter 2020.
Watch this space for further details.

Company and leaders being presented with GB crested New Testaments by The Gideons International

GB Gideons

Participating in the Daventry Christmas Lantern Parade with homemade lanterns made by the girls

GB lantern parade