Lent and Holy Week 2019

A message from Rev Andy

From Lent to Easter.

When the elite of Jerusalem and Rome came under pressure from an obscure Galilean carpenter turned preacher it was bound to end in tears. Sheer ruthless crushing brutality was the order of the day but it is still very disturbing. Human beings do horrible things to each other. They also influence each other to do horrible things, which may be worse.  Christ was born into a cold-blooded world, his family fleeing from the King whose son’s officials would eventually nail him to the cross. 

The Christ of resurrection had scars. He was not unaffected by the journey from Bethlehem via Egypt, Capernaum and Samaria into Jerusalem. Rejected, betrayed, denied, misunderstood, misrepresented and mocked with a thorny crown. As Jesus of Nazareth cleared the temple he reopened the way for scarred humanity to reach the healing love of God. As he rode the donkey, walked the streets, knelt at the feet of his friends with bowl and towel and received the kiss of the traitor he absorbed the polluting force of human indifference, connivance and rebellion.

Today you and I can worship like Thomas, John and Peter the scarred risen Christ.  Through him the majestic awe inspiring God beyond eternity comes near. Not just as holy but also as compassion. Hope that is just wishful thinking means very little but the scarred power of hope that is revealed in Christ is life enhancing and life changing.  Out of the darkness comes light. The light is not overpowered by the darkness; rather it discloses something breath-taking and magnificent. God is for you. God is for me. God is for all. His scars bring healing.                   

Services and events for Holy Week 2019

Wednesday 17 April

10.00 am to 1.00pm Superhero Angels Holiday Club

Maundy Thursday 18 April

  7.30 pm Holy Communion

Good Friday 19 April 

10.00 am United Walk of Witness starting at Holy Cross Church, Market Square, Daventry

12.00 pm - 2.30 pm Church open for Meditation

2.30 pm - Reflective Service 

Easter Saturday 20 April

7.30 pm  From Palm Procession to Resurrection - the story of Holy Week in readings and music

EASTER DAY Sunday 21 April

 9.00 am Easter Breakfast (no tickets required)

10.30 am Easter Celebration with Rev Andy
                     All Age Worship and Holy Communion

6.30 pm   Easter Evening Service - Margaret Geldart


More Information

 Lent Cross 201 Pre Easter

To learn more about Lent,
the last week of Jesus's life,
also known as Holy Week,
and the first Easter
you may download a copy of the booklet A Gift of Easter from the Methodist Church website.

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