Around the cribInteractive Christmas

Starting in December 2014, Churches Together in Daventry present the Christmas story to Year 4 students from local junior schools.  Each time over 200 children and their teachers visit Daventry Methodist Church where the event is hosted.  The story unfolds as the children meet Mary, the innkeeper, shepherds and a wise man who give personal accounts of the most momentous time in their lives and its deep meaning for them and everyone.  While hearing the story in small groups, the children are encouraged to ask questions to gain a better understanding.  Local ministers and lay people take part in presenting the story.

The schoolchildren are given tokens to remember what they saw – an wooden angel, some straw from the manger, a lamb and a star.  They, in turn, bring a gift to the crib for a modern poor mother and baby (St Martins Church Welton Baby Project) and sing a carol.  It is a moving experience for all involved both young and old.  

All involved as visitors or CTiD volunteers are reminded that the real Christmas is about a gift from God to help each one of us, encouraging us to know the Giver, as well as the joy of giving.

More scenes

Interactive Christmas 2015 Mary

Mary tells her story

Interactive Christmas Innkeeper 2015

The innkeeper explains
her involvement

Interactive Christmas 2015 ShepherdsThe shepherds, too, have a story

Interactive Christmas 2015 Wise Man

The Wise Man explains why he came to Bethlehem

Interactive Xmas 20172

Cast and helpers of 2017 with the many gifts given by children to the Welton Baby Project